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Facts, plans and objectives
We fight crime everywhere – online and on the street.
New forms of crime on the Internet.

We fight crime everywhere – online and on the street.

Now more than ever, technological advances and the digital transformation of almost every area of life are influencing the ways crimes are committed and the forms they take. Criminals too are taking advantage of digital technology, committing crimes at the click of a mouse – worldwide. Selling drugs and weapons, infecting computers with malware or dealing in child pornography. Specialists at the Federal Criminal Police Office – the BKA – fight every kind of cybercrime, protecting people in cyberspace and on the street.

Working with partners around the world.
Doing good as part of a team.

Working with partners around the world.

Crime is becoming increasingly international, mobile, networked and digital. It doesn’t stop at national borders. As Germany’s central police agency, the BKA is the hub for national and international police cooperation, for example in fighting terrorism, organized crime and cyber crime.



Michael, 36, Federal Criminal Police officer
Interview with Michael on fighting cyber crime

I fight crime. To keep you safe.

The job is demanding, especially when we’re on a difficult case. But it’s very rewarding to be part of a great team and do meaningful work.

When Michael goes home in the evening, he knows he’s done something useful, helping to keep his country safe. Doing the right thing – that was what motivated Michael to apply for a job at the BKA. Fighting crime and working to keep society safe – that’s what drives him.

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Achieving more together.

Fighting crime takes teamwork. Everyone contributes their strengths and skills to achieve a common goal: security.

Crime never sleeps, and criminals are always on the prowl. They work online around the clock, across national borders and language barriers to add to their knowledge and perfect their skills. Police forces cooperate closely at national and international level to ensure the Internet does not become a safe haven for criminals. That applies equally to prosecuting crime and analysing cyber attacks. This cooperation has created a network in which the BKA also contributes its competence. By combining our strengths, we can keep up with the criminals.

I want to be able to tell my grandchildren, ‘I did my bit for society.’

Worldwide and highly dynamic – that is how cyber criminals operate. The BKA takes them on with an expert team of IT specialists, cybercrime investigators and analysts, as well as detectives. One of them is Michael. He and his co-workers spend most of their working time policing cyberspace. They are tech savvy, incredibly committed and in demand around the world. And when, after crimes are committed in the virtual world, the handcuffs click shut in the real world, they are proud. Of themselves. Of their work. And of their team.