Bühnenbild - Alle Streitkräfte

is a team effort.

A campaign for the pillars of our society.
Keeping Germany safe

Our story

Day in and day out, 1.7 million police officers, firefighters, THW volunteers, paramedics and Federal Criminal Police officers are hard at work protecting the safety and security of Germany’s 83 million people. They go to their limits, especially during a pandemic when they must work in face masks and maintain physical distance to others. Often they must sacrifice their private lives. Time and again, emergency personnel face human suffering, especially during emergency rescues. But giving up is not an option. Here we will show you the people behind the masks and uniforms. You can learn more about their motivation and their everyday working life before and since the outbreak of COVID-19. Or take a look at “Einsatz für die Sicherheit” (Working for Safety), a magazine for classroom use that was developed in cooperation with the publishing company Zeitbild Verlag: sicherheit.bund.de/de/presse

Watch our story

The film

This film gives you an insight into the life of real people serving in the police, fire brigades, Federal Agency for Technical Relief and as paramedics. Take a look at the people wearing the uniform and find out what motivates them to do their job day in, day out – for the safety of 83 million people.